Sharon is a fully qualified DMV licensed driving coach. She's very passionate about her chosen profession. She aspires to create a relaxed, calm learning environment for her students as she believes this achieves the best results. Please don’t hesitate to ask her for any help. 

A few things to know about me are :

My favorite food is Argentinian Empanadas or homemade pizza.

My biggest pet peeve when driving is when the driver does not look over their shoulder for the blind spot.

My favorite TV shows are Grey's Anatomy, The Good Doctor, Criminal Minds, and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

On my playlist you'll find Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi, Red Hot Chili Peppers, AC DC, Los Morros Del Norte, Banda Los Recoditos, and Los Traviesos De La Sierra.

Reviews 5 Star Rating


5 Star professional training. We are so grateful of your service.

Thank you,

Lewis Family.

Devin Lewis

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